Monday, September 18, 2006

New Home--Fresh Start

Meet Gertie. Isn't she a doll? Gertie is a Vizsla/Lab mix and a very lucky girl. You see, she was just rescued by Stephanie and Matt and is settling in to her new home with them. She even managed to make her way to television when her new owners took her to a benefit walk for ALS in Kansas City and a local television station was filming crowd shots for the news. And now a feature on Vizslocity!? She's famous! This girl is "going places!"

Stephanie and Matt were attracted to the gentle nature and velcro personality of the Vizsla breed. And so they did exactly the right thing; they read up on the breed and corresponded with other vizsla owners, and they sought out the advice and help of their local Vizsla Club. One of the kind Show-Me Vizsla Club members invited them to a club meeting where they could meet Vizslas and talk to their owners. There, they met a lady who heads up the rescue and she brought out Gertrude. Gertrude, or Gertie, is blessed with the Vizsla personality and charmed them with her Vizsla ways.

That's when it happened. The Vizsla bug bit them! They had no intentions of rescuing a dog that day, but fell in LOVE with her and couldn't stop thinking about her all day. Later that evening, they called the rescue lady and a week later, she was in their arms!

Gertie was adopted from the Show-me Vizsla Shelter/Rescue. She is settling in with her new stuffed pheasant, kong toy and nylabone. She is very loved and will enjoy many days of companionship with Stephanie and her husband who works for himself and plans to take her to work with him! Stephanie is a runner and Gertie will make a good partner someday. Yes, Gertie is "going places"--places every Vizsla wants to go--everywhere you want to go!


Blogger Stephanie said...

Thank you Kim! I linked to this from my blog. I think you might get some new readers and win over some new Vizsla lovers too!

6:57 AM  

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